School Parliament

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The children have completed their action for Harvest and have successfully sent the food to the local food bank. They are in the process of creating their home learning video- slight delay due to COVID- video coming very this space.


A knitting club has been set up as the Year 6 MP's aired some views of the children and they decided a knitting club would be a nice social activity. They are trying to create a George Carey blanket by knitting small squares.


The MP's have done a great job with a survey on lunches. They analysed the results and met with the Headteacher to discuss their findings. As a result, Mr. Harrison will arrange a meeting with the catering staff and the School Parliament in the new school year.


The MP's have also done a site survey and have identified areas in the school that they are not too happy with. They have been helping with keeping areas clean and tidy and have got together to discuss how to revamp certain areas.