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Marta Varesi - Chair of Governors and Health & Safety Governor

My name is Marta, I am a local resident and I have 1 child at George Carey. 

I love living in such a diverse community and you will often see me in the area organising events or taking part. 

I strongly believe that change comes from people, great ideas and innovation come from the community and school is a great place to empower children making them responsible citizen. 

I was the Health and safety union rep at work for four years and that’s why I decided to step into the role of H&S governor for the school, another area where we are all responsible! 

Rev. Sam Pollard - Vice Chair of Governors

Sam has been an Anglican Vicar since 2011 and in September 2018 was appointed alongside his wife, Anna, as Lead Ministers for Barking Riverside. He and Anna are committed to seeing this community and every person in it become all that they can be and are commissioned to plant a new Anglican worshipping community here.  George Carey is right at the heart of this and Sam is privileged to serve in seeing this continue to be a place where pupils, staff, and families thrive. 


Previously Sam spent 7 years serving St Mary’s Church, Loughton, as well as being Hub Director for Westminster Theological Centre (an innovative higher education institution) and is currently completing a PhD in Theology.  Sam and Anna have been married for 10 years and have two children at George Carey School.


Chris Harrison - Head

Chris Harrison started at the school in February 2011, before it opened. He appointed the staff necessary to open the school successfully and on time in September 2011.


Amy Charles - Inclusion Governor

I am an Assistant Head Teacher, who is leading on Curriculum, Assessment and Literacy,  in a London Primary School. Since I was a young age, my heart for Education has shone through and I am passionate about ensuring that every child, regardless of their starting point, is able to achieve success at school. 


I was raised in a Christian household and I continue to serve on the prayer, youth and welcome team at my church. I recently got married and we are passionate about serving the community in East London, especially Barking & Dagenham. I can't wait to be part of the growing success at George Carey and I look forward to meeting you all soon. 


Rev Unesu Chindabata 


Nick Harding- Safeguarding Governor

I am a Mathematics teacher in a secondary school, with co-curricular and cover manager responsibilities. I returned to teaching 6 years ago after running a small building business in Bow for 30 years. When I qualified as a teacher, I taught science in Kenya for 4 years. My experience is therefore in both education and business which I hope will enable me to help in the governing of the school.


I am married with 4 children. I am a committed to church schools and believe in the benefits they can give to children, their parents and society as a whole.


Sue Hyett - Foundation Governor

I started my working life in retailing and trained as a Buyer. After a family break I qualified as a Primary School teacher and was responsible for running the Nursery at a school in Redbridge. I have now retired but hope that through the experiences that I have had I will be able to support George Carey School as it works to deliver excellent education in a Christian context.


Cllr Fatuma Nalule - Local Authority Governor

Nice to meet you! My name is Councillor Fatuma Nalule, I am a mother of three beautiful children ,multi-award-winning entrepreneur, progressive thinker that has served the Barking and Dagenham communities for over 28 years as a champion of organizations that are committed innovation, change, and providing practical solutions to issues that affects local people and their families. It’s my passion to help people unlock their full potential and lead healthy lives through support and mentorship.

Local Barking resident for 28 years. I’m the founder of FL Women and Family Wellness Community Organization that was established with the aim to empower women and their families to create Health lifestyles through a variety of workshops and activities that is welcoming to all. I am also a Co-Founder of Triangoals Organisation that is based in Barking and delivers recreational activities for children and young people where l oversees service delivery, strategy, project management, and safeguarding and compliance proficiency. Local School Parent Governor for over 3 years and recently appointed Local Authority Governor, championing children’s welfare and wellbeing within school environments. Children Safeguarding Lead, Mentor, Community wellness champion, running activities for women and families with Barking and Dagenham communities delivering Parenting classes, Counselling, Mediation and Family Support services.

· making sure people get the right services

· making sure people’s views are heard and considered

· using my business or professional skills to support families.

· Build bridges between the council and local people

I intend to effectively represent the interests of local constituents and the residents of Barking and Dagenham, taking into consideration the needs and wellbeing of all residents, working in partnerships to create cohesion with Local business, organisation, and authorities such as.

· Schools

· Faith groups

· Community Organisations

· GP’S

· Police

· Libraries

· Children Centres


Bob Hoggett  - Foundation Governor

Bob has been involved at George Carey School for a number of years, in many capacities. He has been Chair of Governors for a number of years, before stepping down in October 2023. He will continue to support the school in his role as a school governor. Bob, is also Vice Chair of Sacred Heart of Mary Girl's School in Upminster.


Jodie Nicholl - Staff Governor




George Carey
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