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British Values

At George Carey Church of England Primary School we believe that fundamental British values are central to the provision that we offer at the school. To be a good citizen of the school children are encouraged to:-


  • Respect others

  • Take turns

  • Listen to others and tolerate those with different beliefs and values to their own

  • Help others wherever possible

  • Take responsibilities seriously

  • Be kind to others and be charitable

  • Look after the environment and the wider community


British values are taught implicitly through every aspect of provision, including through the curriculum, the activities that we undertake and through the school environment.


We promote the British values through:

  • The school behaviour policy sets out a framework of fairness and consistency which encourages children to understand the importance of the ‘rule of law.’ Golden Rules underpin the system, and these have been developed by the children themselves. Achievement is celebrated regularly and publically to the whole school community. The rewards system encourages children to develop in self-confidence, self-knowledge and self-esteem. Communication with parents about their children’s behaviour is effective and instant through our electronic ‘Dojo’ system; which allows parents to communicate and respond with ease.

  • A strong pupil voice. The school council is well established and demonstrates to children the power that a democracy can have. Elections are held annually and children are asked to state what they believe in and what they would like to change about the school prior to the election. There are council representative from Years 1 to 6. The School Council have helped the school to improve overall provision and has given children a greater say in how the school runs.

  • Student Ambassadors are appointed at the end of Year 5 annually (interviewed by outgoing ambassadors leaving Year 6). The Ambassadors work in groups to share their experience and skills to improve selected aspects of school provision. Some of the most successful projects directed by the Ambassadors to date have involved improving the quality of playtimes, teaching younger children mathematics skills and developing the learning environment.

  • The school curriculum focuses upon key events in history as well as key aspects of life in other countries. Children learn to respect the beliefs of others through the R.E. curriculum and excursions to other places of worship are part of our programme of educational visits programme. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum (SMSC) curriculum ensures that children’s experiences and understanding in these areas is developed as they move through the school.

  • Special assemblies follow the Christian calendar and also focus upon key events which are culturally significant to Great Britain, such as St George’s Day, Bonfire Night, Remembrance Sunday, etc.


Staff at George Carey Church of England Primary School are required to reflect the values of the school and provide a strong exemplar of the British values through the work that they do and the relationships that they demonstrate to others.



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