At George Carey Church of England School, we aim to educate our children to enjoy and recognise the importance of physical activity in a challenging and stimulating manner.

Our children have the opportunity to learn and develop key skills which will allow them to strive towards and succeed their personal best. These opportunities begin in our nursery with the children having the opportunity to climb and explore the capabilities of their bodies throughout the duration of the day. This continues further throughout the school with the children being encouraged to push their boundaries, try something new and refine their motor skills by the time they leave us at the end of year 6.

A key part of our PE curriculum is to encourage team building exercises where the children have the chance to work and grow together as well as developing the skills to solve problems and become able to give constructive feedback to help improvement. We are also striving to encourage children to be aware of health and safety in sport, this includes moving apparatus, knowing the correct safety equipment needed for sports such as football, rugby and hockey and understanding the importance of rules during sessions and games as well as safety around water.