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Monday 12th November, 2023


George Carey CofE Primary School - GCPTFA


Dear Parents and carers,


We are in the process of creating George Carey’s very first Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (GCPTFA) and are looking for volunteers who would like to play a part in this new project. Our aim will be to plan events over the year for our children to enjoy whilst raising money for our school. The events will be fun and affordable, and could include parents vs children quiz night, crafts afternoons, movie nights, fairs, pop-up gift shops, uniform sales, picnics, sports days and more. All the money raised will go back into the school for resources and funding further events. As well as events we will have an open forum for parents/community members to discuss things, coffee mornings, toddler groups the list is endless. This all depends on your participation to make this work.


Why is a PTFA important for a school?


1. It sets a great example for your child - Being active in the PTFA not only improves your child's school but also makes you an excellent role model. Research has confirmed what we already knew: When children see us involved in their school and learning, it encourages them to do their best.


2. It builds trust – It's a great way to get to know other parents and teachers whilst gaining an insight into the workings of the school. With parents and teachers striving towards the same goals, the parent group is instrumental in making a real difference in the school life of all children. It's also a fantastic way to familiarise younger siblings with their future school and teachers


3. It raises welcome funds - Whether it’s creating an outdoor learning space, stocking the library with new books or arranging a visit from a top author, the funds raised from your activities impact massively on the opportunities and experiences of all the children at school.


4. It gives you a voice - Many PTFA’s already act as a consultative group for the school leaders and governors. So whether it’s deciding on where PTFA funds are spent or getting parent views on school activities, you can make sure parents have a voice in how your school operates.


5. It forges connections beyond the school gates – PTFA’s are brilliant for building relationships with the local community, from events to sponsorships from local businesses and mentions in local press.


6. It's good for you - Every parent has plenty to offer a PTFA and whether it’s being on the committee or helping out, your talents will be put to good use. As well as being enjoyable and satisfying, you can build your confidence and learn new skills too.


There are various level of involvement whether you want to be a member of the Committee or just occasionally help out.


Interested in finding out more… come for a coffee and a chat!  


We will be holding a coffee morning on Monday 20th November_at 9.15 am where we will explain our intents, discuss ideas and give more information about the GCPTFA and what we can all do to help. Whether you want to join or just get more information about it, or even just for a coffee with other parents, come along for a chat.


Looking forward to seeing your responses and meeting you all during coffee morning.


Kind Regards,


Mrs Hussain

Assistant Headteacher



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