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Message from BRL


BRL want to let you know that the second round of resident engagement in relation to BRL’s new Outline Planning Application began this weekend. You may already be aware of this as we’ve been posting about it on our socials and have also recently done a letter drop about the engagement events this week.


As a reminder, at the start of the year BRL started an engagement programme surrounding the revised masterplan for Barking Riverside. This was via a series of in-person and digital engagement events that took place during January and February.


The feedback from these first events – which includes data from the polling and surveys that were completed by many of those who attended – has now been analysed.


From this, BRL can see the hopes, concerns and priorities that residents have in relation to the new Outline Planning Application.


We are now ready to launch the second round of engagement. Please note, you can drop in at the Visitor Centre this week to find out more:


  • Tue 14th, Wed 15th, Thu 16th May: Walk-in exhibition, 11am - 7pm at the Barking Riverside Visitor Centre, Station Square


As part of this second round of engagement, BRL will:


  1. Share residents’ responses to the initial surveys and polls.


  1. In light of the feedback received, share further information and design work, demonstrating how the new Outline Planning Application is responding to the priorities that have been highlighted.


  1. Clearly communicate some of the commitments that BRL will make as part of the new Outline Planning Application.


  1. Provide more information on the planning process and structure, together with the “next steps”.


For residents who can’t make it or who prefer to engage digitally, the Exhibition Boards will soon be available to view on our dedicated planning website, which also summarises all the information shared with the community so far: New Outline Planning Application - Barking Riverside (


Many thanks,




Sara Bloch

Community Partnership Lead




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M: 07989 210593



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