Mission, Aims and Core Values

Our mission statement...

A Christian school for all, at the heart of the local community, where children grow together in knowledge, understanding, friendship and love.

George Carey Church of England Primary School aims to be:-

  • An outstanding school where children enjoy, learning, achieve highly and enter into the next stage of their schooling with confidence ,

  • A place where children develop literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills necessary to fully access the curriculum and be successful throughout their lives.

  • A place where all children feel safe and protected; learning how to keep themselves and others safe.

  • A place where children develop in self-confidence, whilst understanding that this develops through risk taking and making mistakes.

  • A place where all children develop and grow within an inclusive environment which values and respects the difference between people.

  • A place where all children understand Christian values and are able to apply them to their everyday lives to after each other and contribute positively to the wider community.

  • A place where children will develop as citizens who belong to a community and who can thrive within a modern British society.

Our core Christian values are:-


We stand together as a school committed to positive and mutual support.


We love and cherish the world and all God's creations contained within it.  


We have respect for all people of the world regardless of their religion, race, ability and sexual orientation.


We believe in peace between people and know that this is the route to happiness.